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Covenant Health Research Ethics Committee (CHREC) is the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the University. It is a unit that reviews all research protocols of faculty, staff and students of Covenant University and from external context. It decides whether a research protocol qualifies for ethical review and proceeds to determine the ethical acceptability, approves such research protocols and monitors strict adherence to ethical and scientific standard in line with the institutional, national and international codes ethics for researchers. Above all, it protects researchers and participants from harm that may arise from research activities.

Prof. Grace Olasehinde (Chairman)
Our Mission

All researches must have its ultimate mission, the benefit of participating individuals and communities.

Our Vision

To become a leading ethics committee with cutting edge reviews of protocols.

CHREC Registration

Covenant Research Ethics Committee (CHREC) is duly registered with the National Health Research Ethics Committee of Nigeria in line with the provisions of the National Code for Health Research Ethics, Nigeria.

Registration No.

NHREC/CU-HREC/11/04/2023;10RG#:10RG0010037; OMB No. 0990-0279

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3rd Floor, CUCRID Building, Covenant University

08064265189, 07037849186


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